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Two-thousand (hear me - thousand) fifteen is gone. It's now a "new" year. The shit's never new. It just keeps repeating over and over. *evil grin* nothing we can do about it. Nothing. well....maybe. who knows....Then again, did I really expect it to? No. *sigh* I did not.



He didn't even do his rounds. Normally what would be one of the first tasks he'd take care of, that wasn't his goal this evening. Dr. Necessitor left through the massage doors of The Citadel and headed toward town. Being Friday night, there were many people out and about. A few gave him a glance as he walked by, but he paid them no mind. He called a cab, gave the driver his destination and leaned back in the seat.

The Doctor didn't want to bother Mirage or Dark Cobra for a ride. Truth be told he didn't want anyone to know that he had even left. Luckily he didn't run into anyone in the halls of The Citadel. Maybe a bit more than luck had to do with it. He was careful not to run into anyone.

The taxi driver pulled up close to the Fairview Cemetary.

"Here?" the man questioned.

"This is the place," the Vampire replied. He tipped the driver well and watched as he pulled away. Once the taxi was out of sight, Dr. Necessitor continued his walk toward the entrance of the Fairview-Edgewater abandoned train tunnel. He was careful to keep out of sight, occasionally slipping into the shadows to do so when necessary. He hadn't yet mastered "traveling" through the shadows, like Demonosia, DC or Simi and he made a mental note to discuss this with the Demon.

Then again, I never really tried.

He thought about other "talents" to his disposal, unhoned yet as such, but could prove quite useful. Of course what was the last thing he did with his telekinesis? Knocked a teddy bear off the edge of his desk.

Dr. Necessitor sighed. Thoughts that he had been pushing to the back of his mind came flooding forward.

Seems like all is lost.

""What am I doing? Shit, what am I not doing? Not all is lost," he grumbled under his breath. On the contrary, yet he figured this was a loss of his state of mind. Then again, all kinds of shit was fucked up.

"Not like I'm losing it!" he growled to no one. He walked toward the tunnel, supposedly gated off to explorers, yet it seemed the gate was always ajar. He noticed as he walked forward that the grounds around the cemetary were damp, to say the least. He walked into the tunnel, eerie in the dark to most, but it gave him some comfort.

As expected, he walked right into mud. After a bit, Dr. Necessitor leaped up on the cemnet walkway, though his shoes were now covered in gunk. He knew the walk was a mile and a half before the tunnel ended and he'd be in Edgewater. He expected to see at least one homeless person, but this evening that was not that case. In his frame of mind he would have killed them on the spot - yet the tunnel on this particular night remained unnattended.

He walked almost all the way through, his thoughts conflicting with each other. He, for some reason he could not explain, thought that walking through this tunnel would ease his mind - he was wrong. He was outside The Citadel 30 minutes to get to his destination, and then again almost 40 minutes to get back when he exited the tunnel. What a waste. What he attempted to resolve something in his mind was a total waste. He just knew one thing. He had made his "footprint" on the world - in a huge way - and had since tried to nullify that. It mattered not. It had little reflection on the here an now. The only word that encompased this frame of mind at the moment was "Ghost."



She tried to tell me her dreams. It didn't matter. He knew them already. "I don't know where they go." she said quietly.

"I do," He simply replied.

He thought to myself, "It matters not - like most things. He understood her concern...regardless it mattered not so much in the here and now...then again if it did...should that be something He should be concerned about? Fuck...He wasn't concerned about much. Huh...is that a positive or a negative?"

The Vampre decided to reflex on this.



The Werewolf, it had been a long time. The Vampire *sigh,* The Human - he had to persue (not that he had done a great job of it). The Dempyre - he didnt think the being even cared at this point.

Dr. Necessitor began to wonder (once again) what was the purpose of getting close to anyone. None of it mattered.



It's all disappearing - like something that never was. At this point, not much matters.

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