~ Journal of a Malkavian Vampire ~

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The Vampire glanced at his journal. He didn't actually read it - just glanced at the dates. He had written one entry in 2017. It was March 22, 2017 to be exact. He had written about not writing for so long, and not being in contact with some beings, and feeling like he would never be in contact with certain beings again. He decided to delete said entry.

Dr. Necessitor sighed as he looked around his office...the cool marble desk, the original H.R Giger on the wall. His place. One of his places that he felt comfortable, but at this point it longer gave him peace.

"Did anywhere?" he grumbled.

He already knew the answer.

"Maybe the graveyward?" he questioned.

After all, he did get some type of peace in the past going to the outskirts of The Citadel grounds to sit on one gravestone, while he propped his feet up on another. He doubted he would find the peace he was looking for. How could one find peace in a physical location when they can't even find peace in their own mind?

Regardless, he left his office, left The Citadel, and headed out toward the graveyard.

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