~ Journal of a Malkavian Vampire ~

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The Vampire was on a roll. One post for 2017, which was later deleted, one post on 2018, which briefly discussed said deleted post in 2017. Nothing at all for 2019. He grumbled to himself. He then reflected on 2004. There was only one post there, one that means a lot, but he knew that wasn't the only one. He had tucked away many entries somewhere else.

He thought of stories he read of ancient Vampires that sleep for hundreds of years. He still couldn't fathom that. All the things they must have missed. He knew he had sleep for two years at one point long ago, and then a week years after that, but since then he did not remove himself from the loop, no matter what.

"So much going on," he muttered. He was sure this was not just in the case for Vampires, but for any sentient being. There are always struggles, but yet always triumphs.

Those Vampires who removed themselves for decades at a time — if they had connections, anyone they cared about that were not immortal — they would be gone. He wondered what the benefit was of leaving the scene of the crime for so long. Maybe they didn't care — who knew. Not that it mattered anyway. Those you care about would eventually die.

Dr. Necessitor sighed heavily. "It's not like there are Citizen Machines around," he growled. "It matters not," he said with a sneer. He wished to say it is what it is, but he hated that phrase.

"One step at a time," he said quietly. "We all need to take one step at a time, as long as it's not a step back."

He knew is was tired of the de ja vu, and though some things would still plague him, it was time to move forward more than he ever had before.

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