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The story written below is by Vampire Prince
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Most never knew what to make of Him as His expression and presence seemed to be unreadable most of the time. Some thought the Prince too polite; others just didn't trust Him. His closer friends and acquaintances knew He wasn't into fighting--the only weapons He carried were his skills in tact, diplomacy and a way with words that could bring someone down as quickly as the bite of a poisonous snake. His eyes reflected intelligence, and His manners were to the point of being impeccable. All His wardrobe, which mainly consisted of leather pants and jackets, shirts of silk or satin, and boots and shoes of the finest leather, were all custom-tailored. The Prince's straight, long raven hair came to just below His shoulders and His eyes were the colour of the blackest pitch. He wasn't an extremely large man, but tall--standing 6' 2"--and had a well-toned body that was not overly muscular. He also wore several chains and pendants around his neck, which had been handed down through generations of Family. When He spoke, His voice was deep and resonant, slightly hinted with an Eastern European accent.....Tonite, the Prince sat alone at his desk..the room dimly lit only by the flickering of the fireplace.  Yes, it was Spring, but the night still brought a chill to the room.

It was then that Corvus entered the room--totally hidden in the Shadows. Dressed entirely in a black, long-sleeved silk shirt, form-fitting leather trousers and black steel-tipped boots--he blends in well with the Darkness. On cooler evenings he sports a long jet-black trenchcoat. His coal black orbs scan the room, and if one's senses were keen enough, they could see the haunting and mesmerizing glow to his eyes. Taking his usual precautions, he scans the area with keen eyesight, waiting for the appropriate moment to reveal his presence.

Sitting back in the chair, the stoic vampire saw a movement in the shadows....he already knew it was Corvus. "You can come out, Corvus.  Although, I have to admit you're getting much better at being undetected--at least by my fledglings."

The somewhat timid "familiar" and longtime friend made his way over to his Mentor, bowing his head respectfully before speaking."  "I've been trying, M'Lord.  I apologize for interrupting, but a missive arrived for you that I think you need to see straight away."
The Prince then sat back in the chair, a somewhat amused look on his face--with a wave of his hand, a goblet appeared in his hand--filled with a warm, thick, sanguine liquid--waiting for Corvus to read the missive..... "Well?"
Corvus silently nodded and began to read, his voice slightly hinted with an English accent.....Well, M'Lord....it says that someone by the name of Dr. John Necessitor is arriving at Gothic Chamber Haven any time now".
The Prince looked up at Corvus, black eyes flickered..as he thought back to when he'd first met John.....
He appeared at the entrance of the Park, where the Cirque de Chmemineau was, and stood there for a moment-- piercing, coal black orbs scanning the area. The Prince made his way towards the lights in the parking lot, continuing through it until he reached the trailers. Seeing no one there, he glanced around and saw the lights from the Tent and walked towards it. As he entered he took notice of all of the empty booths, walking until he came to the entrance of what appeared to be a theatre of sorts. He heard some voices coming from within it and entered it, seeing only one man on the stage.
As always, His inner-most and deepest thoughts were blocked from all, something He had learned was a necessary thing to do since His arrival to these parts. His surface thoughts might be readable by others, but they were only illusions he placed there to placate anyone's curiosity. Noticing a man on the stage, the Prince leaned against the wall and watched with an amused look on his face.  The man was juggling 6 daggers with an expertise he'd never before seen.  When the man finished, The Prince applauded and spoke.... "Most impressive, my friend...."
The man on the stage who appeared to be in his early thirties looked up.  Dark eyes looked back at the Prince.  The man's hair was shortly cropped and his dress was impeccable. "Thank you, Sir....and you are?"

He made his way down the aisle and walked towards the stage, feeling no threat whatsoever. He bowed in one graceful movement, dark, raven hair flowing with the sweep of his head, then falling back into place as he stood straight. "I, Sir, am Vampire Prince.  You're quite good with those daggers.....but it seems your talents are being wasted here."
The man smirked, then grinned, almost evilly--a glimmer of "madness" reflected in his eyes. "John....Dr. John Necessitor....." 
The two struck up a unique friendship and The Prince visited John often. He had a soft heart and especially enjoyed the company of Malkavians. It was a while later when the Prince offered to take John back to his Haven to work for him. But, John, wanted to remain with the traveling Cirque. The Prince had to return to his home and watch over his Fledglings.  He looked at John, a sadness reflected in his eyes. "You know I must return to my home.  But should you ever tire of this place and find yourself wanting a home, you are always welcome, my friend."
He returned to the "present" hearing Corvus' voice. "Did you hear me, M'Lord?  Who is this Dr. Necessitor?"
The Prince looked up at Corvus and smiled. "A long time friend, Corvus.  An old friend of mine who has decided take me up on an offer I made many years ago."  I need for you to take a missive to the Staff and the Fledglings".
Corvus listened to his Mentor and then went to deliver the Missive to the Staff and Fledglings.....
Greetings All in the Realm......
Let it be known that the Vampire Prince has a new associate.  The Prince is proud to have dubbed his long time friend, Dr. John Necessitor,  Primogen of the Chamber. 

Dr. Necessitor makes his appearance:

I apologize for my late arrival.......I had a rather bloody.......ah.......busy night, but now I am well rested.
Please let me introduce myself. My name is Dr. John Necessitor. I was thirty-two years of age when I was drawn into the world of the immortals. Actually, this Vampire life is truly more suited to me. I was not a well liked human........actually I was well feared, but that is another story......another life.
Now, here, I stay - with the Prince's generosity and patience......to share with you my talents and my tastes.
May I visit you in your nightmares,
Dr. John Necessitor